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Tax Refunds

How to get your money back from the taxman
Did you know that it is your responsibility to get any overpaid tax back from the Inland Revenue? Most people wrongly believe that the tax man will automatically return any overpaid tax to them and tell them when they are missing out on tax relief.


Where it is clear that an individual has overpaid tax then the Inland Revenue will return the money. But as the law states it is the taxpayers responsibility to make sure things are right and in very many cases this does not happen. We estimate that a staggering 1 in 3 taxpayers are due money back, that is over 10 million people.
There are many people that can get a tax refund and perhaps don't know about it. People who work part of a tax year, have more than one job, use their own car for work, buy equipment or tools to do their job. Typically students and people working in the UK from overseas can make claims for tax refunds. If you've ever been self employed or worked on the CIS scheme then the Inland Revenue probably owe you money to (particularly if you haven't had advice on submitting tax returns.)
The list goes on and on.
The scales are overwhelmingly tipped in the Inland Revenue's favour. Only a small minority of people understand the tax law and procedures of the Inland Revenue sufficiently to take on the taxman and win. But don't think that you have to be a millionaire to benefit from specialist tax advice. In fact you can find out if you are potentially due a refund right now by taking our '60 Second Tax Survey'. It's free and if you are due money back we offer a 'no win no fee' service to get it back for you.



Just fill in the forms

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Wait for the refund

Suitable for C.I.S. Refunds, Income Tax Refunds, Child Tax Credit Refunds, Mileage Allowance Refunds,Self Assessment Refunds.

Visit our sister site at www.swanseaaccounts.com fpr more information

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